• Infrastructure

    We partner with leading server, storage, network and software vendors to design, implement, support and manage best-in-class infrastructure solutions.

  • Virtualization and Cloud

    By using cloud technologies, automation and extending solutions into existing tools and processes, IT can execute on business and market decisions faster than the competition. We assist our customers in shortening infrastructure provisioning times from days and weeks to hours augmenting their business models and driving more revenue.

  • Data Analytics and Service Management

    Big Data inspires new ways to transform operations, processes, and organizations themselves. We cut through the hype and deliver real-world Business Analytics and Big Data solutions that turn information into business insight.

  • SovLabs

    An independently run business unit within Sovereign Systems, SovLabs enables speed, agility, and efficiency, by focusing on cloud extensibility, configuration management, and DevOps solutions that streamline complex and time-consuming infrastructure and application deployment tasks.


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VMware vCloud Hybrid Service

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