vArchitect Newsletter 041

Hi there, folks. Welcome to our post-Thanksgiving newsletter, AKA December. Read on to find out the latest happenings for the past month.

New Releases

Here are the new and updated releases since last month. With all new releases and updates, be absolutely sure you read the release notes carefully!

  • VMware Horizon Cloud Connector 1.4
    • Auto-upgrade feature
    • Cloud Monitoring Services (CMS) with session usage details
    • Release notes
  • Veeam Backup for Office 365 v4


VMware Security Advisory


  • VMware issued advisory VMSA-2019-0021 which addresses multiple security vulnerabilities with VMware Workstation and Fusion. Details can be found here.


Product Version Patched version Mitigation/Workaround
Workstation 15.x 15.5.1 None
Fusion 11.x 11.5.1 None


  • VMware issued advisory VMSA-2019-0020 outlining Denial-of-Service and Speculative-Execution Vulnerabilities. Details can be found here.


Product Version Patched version Mitigation/Workaround
ESXi 6.7 ESXi670-201911401-BG
ESXi 6.5 ESXi650-201911401-BG
ESXi 6.0 ESXi600-201911401-BG
Workstation 15.x Unaffected N/A
Fusion 11.x Unaffected N/A


Fling Updates

As usual, we bring you the VMware Flings which saw updates in November. Not capturing all the changes, but here they are from newest to oldest updates.


Notable VMware Blogs

Here are more of the “best of” VMware blogs since last month.


vRealize Network Insight

vRNI is a great tool that does not just provide network visibility and analytics, but for other features like app discovery, security planning, dependency mapping, optimization and troubleshooting are just to name a few. With all the features, the search engine become a very import tool to use and these search posters are just what you need!


VMC on AWS - Cloud Migration

If you or your company is interested in VMware Cloud on AWS and would like to learn more about the different migration strategies for your VMs to/from the cloud, then this series of cloud migration blogs are for you!  It provides deep insight into using HCX, which can also be used for VM migrations across vCenter Servers in different private datacenters.


VMC on AWS Outposts Beta announced

VMware just announced VMC on AWS Outposts beta program at AWS re:Invent 2019.  You can sign up here, and it will be available to customers who meet the beta program requirements.
Read all about this new exciting announcement and its key capabilities here .


VMC on AWS – Reference Architectures

The VMC on AWS team at VMware have been working to create reference architectures for VMC on AWS.  The guides range from the basic getting started to more complex deployments.  Check them out here

VMworld Europe

VMworld Europe 2019 session videos are now available online. This is a good chance to catch up on any sessions you might have missed but favorited in your app. And if you didn’t make it at all, there are always good nuggets of info to glean.

vRA 7.6 End of General Support extended

As you probably know, vRA 8.0 has been released and it represents basically a brand new platform which works entirely differently from vRA 7.x. Due to the realities of such a sea change, VMware has lengthened the End of General Support (EoGS) date for vRA 7.6 to gives customers ample time to migrate. As you can see from the complete Lifecycle Product Matrix, as of this writing (matrix updated November 15) vRA 7.6 is now EoGS on April 11th 2022. So you have a good long while to enjoy support while you strategize how to migrate. Keep in mind these dates can (and probably will) change, so bookmark this URL and check back.

HPE SSD SAS drives time bomb after 3 years

Quite a weird issue here, but very important if you’re an HPE customer running any SAS SSDs in your environment. They’ve recently fixed a bug whereby any such SSDs that have been running for longer than 32,768 hours ( 3 years, 270 days, 8 hours) die losing any data stored on them. There are quite a few of their drives affected, so you obviously want this fix if this sounds like you.