vArchitect Newsletter 034

Hi, folks, and welcome to our May newsletter. Huge amounts of stuff landed in the span of a month so this is going to be pretty packed. We’re going to put release-related blog articles with the relevant release bullet so it cuts down a little. Hopefully there’s something in here for everyone, so let’s get rolling.

Fling Updates

As usual, we bring you the VMware Flings which saw some updates in April. Highlights this month are the awesome HTML5 Web Client fling that has a new concept called “Perspectives” and the cool Code Capture now can output in JavaScript (for vRO) in addition to a new MyVMware CLI tool allowing you to download all products straight from CLI.


New Releases

Basically every product saw a refresh in the last month, so we’ve got a lot to list. If you are like us, your head is spinning with all the new updates and product releases from VMware since the last newsletter. As with all new releases and updates, be absolutely sure you read the release notes carefully!






  • vRealize Business for Cloud 7.6
    • Added support for Identity Manager and vCloud Director
    • Release notes




  • VMware Site Recovery Manager 8.1.2
    • vSphere 6.7 UP2 compatibility
    • Added support for NSX-T
    • Always verify SRA support before upgrading!
    • Release notes




  • VMware Enterprise PKS 1.3.6 & 1.4




  • vRealize Network Insight 4.1
    • Added support for NSX-T version 2.4
    • Native Kubernetes and VMware PKS w/ NSX-T
    • 3rd party device support including, F5 Load balancer and Cisco ACI
    • Improved application discovery in vCenter and support for ServiceNow CMDB
    • Release notes


  • VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere 6.4.5
    • Edge Services (Routing, Bridging, Load Balancing) added to HTML client
    • Read system requirements carefully, vSphere upgrades are recommended.
    • Release notes (Read System Requirements carefully)

VMware Security Advisory

VMware released advisory VMSA-2019-0006 that address multiple types of out-of-bounds read vulnerabilities. Details about the advisory can be found here




Running on

Patched version






See VMSA-2018-0025





See VMSA-2018-0025




No Affected






See VMSA-2018-0025





See VMSA-2018-0025





See VMSA-2018-0025





See VMSA-2018-0025


Time Windows and vSAN

Neat blog post discussing changing of time windows in vSAN performance charts and how they can be helpful in troubleshooting scenarios. Keep in mind that this is with pure vCenter, and having a tool like vROps gives you much better pictures of historical performance for analysis purposes.


Sovereign Systems Wins Global Award for Cloud Management & Automation

We know this isn’t super technical, but we don’t often get to toot our own horn. But we on the vTeam are all super psyched to have received the Global Innovation Award from VMware in the services category for Cloud Management & Automation! It’s really a huge deal for us because even though we’re a small, close-knit team we really do nail it when it comes to CMP platforms and performed more services this last year than anyone else. Formal press announcement is here.

Log Insight Content Pack for SRM

For those using Log Insight and SRM, there’s a new content pack that’ll allow you to get those logs in place with dashboards and queries. Check the post on the Marketplace here.

VMware Cloud on DellEMC

Big announcements here from VMware about an expansion of Project Dimension. VMware Cloud on DellEMC extends this to offer VxRail on-prem as a managed service for full lifecycle management. Blog post here.

Azure VMware Solutions

More news from DellEMC world brings VMware Cloud to Azure! This is quite similar to the VMConAWS offering but is delivery of the VMware Cloud Foundation stack, by a couple major partners, to Azure directly. Check the official page from Microsoft here.

Optimize-VMwarePKS Blog

For those using VMware PKS (now called Enterprise PKS) or those maybe looking at it, Chip has a new blog out there with co-author and PowerShell wizard-of-the-stars, Luc Dekens, in which they’ve released a new PowerShell script for optimizing those PKS deployments. Simply put, it’s a PS script for organizing the VMs that represent your K8s nodes into folders, tags, and even DRS rules. Super nice thing about it is 1) it’s idempotent (you can run it multiple times without it blowing anything up or failing); and 2) it comes with clean-up switches that allow you to remove certain elements if a K8s cluster gets deleted. You can also find the post on Luc’s site and get the code from Chip’s GitHub repo.

Deprecation of VMKlinux Drivers in vSphere

Put briefly, the VMKlinux drivers were the old model in vSphere. We now have a native driver architecture which most vendors have been shipping since the 6.0 days. But not all hardware is making use of this. In Neils’ blog he discusses the impact of the deprecation of the VMKlinux drivers and what that means.