vArchitect Newsletter 029

VMware Tools updates

New version 10.3.5 has been released with the usual array of fixes, one of them being the newly-added guest metrics available in vROps 6.7+. See the release notes here.

Permissions Removed on vCenter 6.7 Upgrade

A new KB article has been published to describe a weird problem that is as yet unresolved whereby permissions other than administrative in vCenter are basically reset. Looks like there’s a workaround for now, but if you’re planning the vSphere 6.7 upgrade and have some non-standard permissions, may want to check out this KB first.

Fling Updates

As usual, the VMware Flings saw some updates in November. Here is the rundown of new or updated flings since last time:

Veeam Certificate Expiration

Here’s a strange one that you’ll want to fix if you’re running Veeam 9.5. Although the fix is simple, you want to do it now before your backups start failing. Cause is due to an expiring cert that Veeam generates, but the UI has you covered in just a few clicks. Deets listed here.

Windows Server 2019 Support

Now that Server 2019 has apparently been resumed (from a prior issue that halted it), let’s talk about support for this and any new OS in vSphere. Many folks are going to run out and start slinging bits only to run into issues on antiquated versions of vSphere. Let this just serve as a friendly reminder that there is a hard compatibility guide to follow as to which versions of vSphere support this and all new operating systems, and you can find it on the HCL here. And so as of right now, Windows Server 2019 is only officially supported on vSphere 6.5 and higher. Not 6.0, and certainly not 5.5.

New Blogs From Us

A couple of new blog posts authored by those on the vArchitects team you might want to read.

Upgrade VMware vRA to 7.5 and migrate external vRO to embedded vRO 7.5

New article from Johan on his upgrade experiences to 7.5 and how to resolve an interesting issue.

New Features in SovLabs Property Toolkit: Entity Assignment

New article from Chip regarding a highly-anticipated new feature with the SovLabs Property Toolkit module.

vSphere Platinum now GA

The news from VMworld about the new vSphere Platinum edition has now made it into the bits. Platinum is now GA with, if you recall, AppDefense, which has been added above Enterprise Plus. Check out the blog post here and the releases notes here (6.7 U1).

vSAN 6.7 U1 Deep Dive Published

A new book from Duncan and Cormac has been published covering the updates to vSAN as of 6.7 U1. The previous book was an excellent read for all things vSAN and this one proves to be as well. Get a copy of the eBook edition here (much better screenshots than print).

Remember the VMXNET3 Exploit Patches

As our readers might recall, we issued an emergency communiqué a few weeks ago informing you of a critically serious exploit of the VMXNET3 network adapter type. It was so serious that it could lead to a potential “VM escape” situation. If you haven’t done so already, PATCH. Use the VMSA as a guide to do so.

Upgrading to vSphere 6.7 Ebook

A new blog was written not too long ago with a link to an eBook that’ll help you upgrade to vSphere 6.7. It’s a good read to begin to familiarize yourself with the process, but also feel free to reach out to us as well since we’ve done it several times at this point.