vArchitect Newsletter 019

Monthly Releases

VMware Horizon 7.4

  • For those using Horizon, 7.4 was released this past month with some new features including Session Collaboration and Content Redirection.
  • Release notes.

vCenter 6.5 U1e

  • Mainly a patch release for Spectre.
  • Release notes.
  • Didn’t mention it last month, but 6.5 U1d contains the third update to the popular HTML5 client embedded in the update. Now’s a great time to begin using the H5 client because it’s the go-forward client of choice.

NSX 6.4

  • Big update for NSX.
  • DFW that supports L7.
  • New HTML5 plug-in!!
  • Bug fixes.
  • Release notes.

Security patches for vRA, VIC

  • If using vRA 7.2, 7.3, or VIC 1.x, you need to apply security patches.
  • VMSA-2018-0006
  • Links to patches at end of article. 2 for vRA 7.3 required; 1 for vRA 7.2 required.

Veeam PN

  • New free offering to connect machines in Azure.
  • Article from Matt here.

HTML5 Client Fling

VMware Integrated OpenStack 4.1

  • Supports latest VMware product releases
  • Has Kubernetes platform built-in
  • HTML5 client.
  • Release notes.
EVC and Spectre/Meltdown

Things continue to get worse for Intel in this Spectre/Meltdown debacle. VMware have withdrawn a patch that was issued in January due to faulty microcode updates from Intel. But Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) is a piece of this puzzle as well, so check out this article for more information.

William Lam also has a blog (and scripts) for verifying Spectre/Meltdown inside your guest OSs, and yes those need to be patched, too. Check it out here.

New vCheck Script

vCheck by Alan Renouf has been and remains a very popular set of PowerShell scripts for gathering information about a vSphere installation (and more). It recently got a big update, so check his article here for more information.

Using vROps Federation Management Pack

A nice article by David was published that gives you more information on this interesting management pack complete with videos. This will be a nice thing to have for several folks who manage separate vROps environments, including service providers. See the blog here.

Pure Storage gets VVols

For those customers using Pure Storage, they had a pretty big release which introduces VVol support and vMSC support. Check out the article by Cormac here. And for a 2017 year in review summarization on VVols, check out the blog post here. VVols are definitely gaining in popularity and while there are still a few kinks and features to be worked out, the implementation in vSphere 6.5 is definitely much stronger.

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