vArchitect Newsletter 012

vRealize Suite Update

June saw the update of many of the vRealize Suite products including vRNI, 3.4, vROps 6.6, vRBC 7.3, and vRLI 4.5. There are lots of new and updated things in these versions, especially with vROps, and it’s too much to go into here, but check out the release notes for each product below.

vCenter 6.5e Release

There was a minor bump in releases to vCenter 6.5 to solve an issue some were having causing vCenter itself to fail. This release resolves that, so check the release notes here.

4 Free Community Veeam Tools and Utilities

A new blog post by Chip on the Sovereign blog site outlines some of the tools he created coming after VeeamON 2017. These are all free tools submitted to the community that allow you to get even more value out of your Veeam installation. Check the post here for the full details and where to get them.

Hyper-threading flaw found in Intel CPUs

A serious flaw has been discovered in certain Intel CPUs from the Kaby Lake and Skylake series that can cause a destabilization of a system when hyper-threading is used. Read an explanation of the issue here. To fix this, you’ll need to update the microcode of your systems, and that will most likely be delivered by your server vendor.

Important Patch for ESXi 6.0 and vSAN users

An important patch for ESXi 6.0 was released in June that solves some vSAN issues but has the potential to cause issues for Horizon users with vGPU acceleration. Check the KB article for the patch here, and another KB for the workaround with graphics here.

New Book:  vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep-Dive

A new book has just been released to the market authored by Frank Denneman and Neils Hagoort entitled Host Resources Deep Dive. Duncan has a good article on it here. Frank and Duncan were the authors of a similar book back in the vSphere 5.1 days called VMware vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive, which was an awesome resource if you really wanted to learn about the intricacies of how HA and DRS worked. Frank has teamed up with Neils to deliver the same—and more—but for vSphere 6.5. Highly recommended to get your hands on one if you like technical reading material. Check it out on Amazon.

VMware Horizon 7.2 now GA

One last thing on the release train for June was Horizon 7.2. The biggest new feature seems to be the Horizon Help Desk Tool is now integrated. See the full notes here.

VMworld 2017 Catalog Online

For those able to attend VMworld this year in Las Vegas, you’ll be glad to know the content catalog is online here. All three of us will be in attendance, so drop us a line if you’d like to chat about anything in our newsletters, or just talk shop in general.