A Note from our vArchitects

We, the vArchitects at Sovereign Systems, have created a monthly virtualization-related newsletter intended to be purely technical in nature aimed at tekkies who live and breathe virtualization technology.

We aggregate news from different sources about various products, including tech bulletins, release notifications, knowledge base article updates, gotchas, hacks, and other types of news that we think is really, actually useful.

We do all the heavy lifting by sifting through the hundreds of news feeds, blogs, press releases, and choose only information that we, as engineers ourselves, think are the most important or helpful to know. We hold ourselves to three core tenets:

1. It has to be technical. These news blogs will only be technical in nature, or have a technical implication.

2. It has to be on relevant technology. There are LOTS of technical articles out there, so for the most part, this will be VMware, EMC (if virtualization impacting), and Veeam content. This newsletter is designed to be a virtualization newsletter and not just anything you can plug into the wall socket.

3. It has to have commentary and analysis from us at Sovereign. You can find and subscribe to a variety of emails and feeds that give you virtualization-related news, but we want to enhance that information by giving you OUR opinion on it. We aren’t forced to write this stuff from VMware, EMC, or any of our other vendors. What we will be adding are valuable notes that you need in addition to raw news articles that we’ve collected for you. You’re getting unbiased, insightful, experienced, third-party reviews and opinions here.

We hope you find these newsletters enjoyable and, above all, informative and useful. Feel free to share your feedback with us by emailing our team at vArchitects@sovsystems.com.