Why I Joined Sovereign Systems – Steve Fox, Director of Service Management

Steve Fox

by Steve Fox

When I joined Sovereign two years ago, I wish I had a single moment of insight where I knew it was the right decision. Instead, over the course of two months and five different interviews with Sovereign management, I was slowly convinced that it was the right move at the right time.

I worked in corporate America for 30+ years, with 23 of those focusing on service management for an Atlanta-based Fortune 50 company. As you would guess, it was difficult to leave my corporate family for a much smaller company, but I still felt it was the right decision. Sometimes you need to trust your instincts - and this was one of those times.

My move to Sovereign has been nothing short of amazing. It has let me follow my dream of solving real business issues with service management and applying my Six Sigma background. I am always looking for numbers-driven solutions, but I never lose sight that at the end of the day we are in the people and process business.

By leveraging my service management experience, I can help people innovate and drive their business results in a positive manner. We can transform the IT portion of a business and help them move to a trusted partner status.

Because I have a passion for helping people improve their skills, I also have a strong desire for learning and sharing that knowledge with others. That passion has led me to accept a part-time high school teaching position at a small private school. I currently teach on Tuesday, Friday and Thursday mornings. My students are then homeschooled on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. I teach juniors Algebra II and information systems classes.

Sovereign (and our customers) have been wonderful to allow this type of flexibility. I am truly following my dream job of working with the next generation while maintaining a corporate schedule and continuing to solve real problems for our customers. I then apply that knowledge back into the classroom.

To summarize, imagine you had a strong passion for helping the next generation. Also imagine you worked for a company that allowed you to realize that dream and you get to still work with great people doing great things for great customers. For me, that dream came true.

Why I Joined Sovereign Systems – Steve Fox, Director of Service Management