Why I Joined Sovereign Systems - Mandy Schulz, Client Manager

Mandy Schulz

by Mandy Schulz

The short answer to the question, “Why did I join Sovereign Systems?” is because of my childhood friend, Josh Upton. The better answer is because this company is rooted in problem solving and communication, which are two of my favorite things.

Josh sent me a text in the Summer of 2014 when he was living in Atlanta and I was in Maryland. We have the most ridiculous of exchanges, as is common for someone you have known since middle school. This one was different in nature, but familiar in tone. As is typical for Josh, he casually asked if I wanted to uproot my life and come and work for him in Atlanta.

Why I Joined Sovereign Systems – Mandy Schulz, Client Manager

This wallet-sized yearbook photo of Josh sits on my desk. He will be very glad that I shared it with the Internet. Again.

I basically said yes without knowing any of the details. He is a good judge of character, so if this company was good enough for him then it was good enough for me. I asked more questions about Sovereign. The more I heard, the more I liked. Sovereign takes a very confusing landscape – IT infrastructure – and helps customers make sense of it. We are consultative in nature. We ask questions. We listen. We learn. We find the best answer for everyone involved.

I celebrated my two-year work anniversary on October 24th and I am grateful to be part of a company that encourages professional development, as well as work-life balance. My manager and mentor, Pam Coffey, has helped me grow tremendously. If you have read any of the “Why I Joined Sovereign” blogs, then you will see a congruent message amongst us – and that is that Sovereign encourages you to grow personally and professionally.

Sovereign understands my passion for volunteering and helping others. I recently joined the Board of Directors at Next Generation Focus. The bullets below give a brief rundown of what NGF does. You can donate here and here is their Amazon Smile page. The holidays are approaching, so if you are going to buy gifts through Amazon, please consider doing it this way.

  • Provide low-cost, grade-appropriate, and individualized tutoring and enrichment in reading, mathematics, and STEAM according to school district standards
  • Expose children to new ideas and skills
  • Teach teamwork, leadership, good work ethics, and fair-play
  • Promote self-esteem, self-confidence, and respect for others
  • Provide a safe place to socialize and make new friends

Random fact: I am also thankful that I can work out almost every day during my lunch break. It is a running joke amongst my co-workers that they do not invite me to lunch because they know I am going to reject them in favor of lifting.

Why I Joined Sovereign Systems – Mandy Schulz, Client Manager

The GM of my gym rolled up on me and took a photo while I was squatting.

If you have any questions about any your IT environment, gives us a shout. No pressure! We will just help walk you through it.