Why I am excited for the Jakarta Release of ServiceNow (and so should you)

Steve Fox

by Steve Fox

As software releases go, when I hear a new release is coming, I get as excited as a kid eating vegetables. It sounds good for you but somehow, I could never get over the bad taste it left in my mouth. Since I was a little boy, my overall strategy has been a wait and see approach. If my sister ate her vegetables first and did not turn green or spit them out, then I am all in.

As a 30+ year veteran of the IT world, I still have that same approach. Let someone else install the new release and if they do not implode, then and only then do I give it consideration for deployment. I always like to be at least one full release back from the leading/bleeding edge. It is an awesome strategy and one that has served me and my customers very well over the last few decades.

The Jakarta release of ServiceNow may change that direction for me. While we do not have all the details of the “J” release, we know enough about it to understand that it may change how we work in the IT environment. Everything I have heard about “J” makes me want to be among the early users. In fact, I would take it today if I could find a way to get on the early adopters list. (Hint: ServiceNow…..I hope you are listening.)

There are at least 3 new features that make me want to be first in line for this release:

  1. Cloud Management. Jakarta will be the first release to include features from their recent acquisition of ITApp. I consider ServiceNow’s cloud management to be one of the best already, but I think it is going to be exponentially better. With the ability to provision, deprovision, and manage cloud cost for both Azure and AWS with equal amounts of ease, this could be a HUGE step forward.
  2. Software Asset Management (SAM). This will be limited in scope, but for those of us who have survived an audit, this one could be big enough to get me on Jakarta by itself. It could just be me, but if you gave me the choice of a software audit or a nice, slow root canal….without pain killer….I think I’d take the root canal! It is not an easy choice, but you get my point. Both of those are a zero on the fun dial. With SAM on the horizon, I see a win-win for everyone.
  3. Machine Learning. Imagine a system that will automatically route a ticket based on who in your organization solved the last 30 similar tickets. What if the ITOM suite could predict an outage in advance (based on past trends) so you could fix it before it occurred? I do not want to fix incidents faster, I want to eliminate them before they happen! I want a report of incidents avoided. How powerful is that information? This one could be bigger than number 1 & 2 together! It will take a few iterations for the system to start learning, but the sooner we start this process, the better for all of us.

ServiceNow is not known for getting everything right in release 1. There will be bugs/issues as with any new release of software. However, with these 3 game changing features, I believe the positives will far outweigh the negatives.

We will have to take a wait and see attitude on the full impact of the Jakarta release, but for the first time in 30 years, I say bring it on! Unleash the vegetables! Pile them on high and deep as I have every intent of being among the first to upgrade to Jakarta!