3 Exciting Things to Look Out for at VMworld 2016

Josh Upton

by Josh Upton


Highlighting a few of the more important items that will be unveiled at VMworld this year. Really looking forward to some clarity (hopefully) and not losing money... unlikely.

Let's look at our top three:

1. Clarity around the VMware, Dell, EMC “thing.” I use this loosely, but a clear strategy is needed to define how VMware will meld into what is going to be an incredibly interesting situation. The who, what, when, where and how will most certainly need to be addressed from seemingly every angle. Regardless of how your organization fits into the VMware fold you’ll want to feel comfortable, but more so aligned with the strategy and vision unveiled at VMworld 2016. Defining strategy and calming fears should be VMware’s mission this year.

2. What’s going on with vCloud Air? AWS and Microsoft Azure need no introduction. AWS has dominated the public cloud conversation since public cloud has been a viable option in the market, and will most likely do so for the foreseeable future. Microsoft Azure on the other hand has made great strides this year in its offering around Azure Stack and become a viable player in the public cloud conversation. Not too murky the waters any further, but that little thing called containerization threatens to completely blow up the hypervisor world. We need to see a defined strategy for vCloud Air whether the conversation is around outside forces like AWS, or if it’s an internal conversation around EMC’s Virtustream, containerization, IaaS or PaaS.

3. Artificial Intelligence is the future of IT (and this is an actual session!). This talk track is fantastic in so many different ways. AI allows business to become more competitive because of the data they collect instead and not despite the data they have to maintain. VMware has created a new VMware xPlorer group, whose charter is to analyze emerging technologies and trends, ultimately guiding VMware's strategic direction and critical R&D initiatives. Predictive analytics are here and will continue to develop at an even faster pace moving forward. We’re interested to see, even at a high level, what VMware’s strategy may very well be around Artificial Intelligence as it relates to their stack.

What else is interesting?

What’s next in the SDDC? We’ve got SDN with NSX and SDS with VSAN, but where are these products going? vRA and addressing the less than consumable nature of custom scripting and incredibly lengthy professional services engagements.

At this point it seems as if VMware needs to calm the choppy waters and produce a simple message and strategy for the organization moving forward. Regardless we’re at an incredibly interesting place in regards to where IT is now versus where it’s going.

Guess we’ll have to wait until the end of the month to find out.