The Software Works

Steve Fox

by Steve Fox

At a recent CIO briefing we hosted, one CIO was asked what question does he face when employees talk about ServiceNow.  He said he often hears his staff say, “This software does not work.” His answer is always the same: “The software works.”

He goes on to say that the software works for over 200+ of the fortune 500 companies.   Maybe our company has mis-configured ServiceNow or payed for major customizations that do not work.  We may have not provided enough training, or our employees did not attend training but…...the software works.

When Sovereign engages with our customers, one of the issues we see most often is too much customization.   ServiceNow spends millions of dollars every year enhancing their software to include a world class user experience including notifications and reporting.   They are constantly improving their business process to meet the ever-changing requirements of our business world.  With a new release schedule every 6 months, ServiceNow listens to customers and provides a better way to provide business value.

Imagine if we minimized the customizations and configurations inside ServiceNow.  What if we adapted some of our business processes to meet a standard, cost focused, ITIL driven environment? Most companies have their own “processes” and are set in their ways to customize ServiceNow to fit their company.  I always ask my customers if they can draw their current process on a white board.  I often hear a resounding “yes” but when they go to draw it on the board, they quickly realize they either have no process for a key business function or they have multiple, different processes for the same function.  To make it worse, they want ServiceNow to match a bad process.  What do you get when you automate a bad process?   You get wrong answers faster!

Our approach is different.  We strive to keep your company running at top efficiency and speed.  To accomplish that goal, we leverage the power of the ServiceNow platform and make sure you stay standard with minimal configurations and customization to provide a higher level of service to your customers.   You’ve made a strategic decision in your purchase of ServiceNow, the Gartner leading Service Management software.   Rather than ask how can you modify it to fit your needs, ask how can you be most efficient with your internal teams to deliver your services more quickly and provide a best-in-class solution for your business partners.

With our, think big, start small and go-fast model, we bring one of the quickest time to value propositions in our industry.  We stay focused on you, the customer, and help transform the way you do business.  So many times, we also hear “The software does not work.”   Like the CIO mentioned earlier, I always say, “The software works.  Now let’s figure out how to get you to a standard, process-focused environment and let ServiceNow work for you.”