Extending ITSM – ServiceNow’s Pledge to Move Forward

Brian Baggett

by Brian Baggett

The ServiceNow Knowledge 2016 conference was held in Las Vegas the week of May 15th and it was a very interesting week. Attendees were able to learn all about what is going on in the world of ServiceNow and how it is continuing to rapidly evolve.

For years, ServiceNow has been synonymous with IT service management. ServiceNow has been a leader in this space because, unlike most of its competitors, it encouraged deep integration with its well-documented API's. As the company has continued to mature and iterate, they are starting to reach outside of ITSM and become a full fledged platform that can compete with the likes of Salesforce and Workday by targeting human resouces and customer relationship management functionality. This year ServiceNow reached $1 billion in sales and are saying that they'll get to $4 billion by 2020 with this expanded focus. "The customer service market is a $9 billion market where no traditional vendor has 20 percent of the market," says Dave Stephens, VP of product for ServiceNow.

At first blush, you might wonder if ServiceNow stands a chance in this space. However when you consider that many companies utilize ServiceNow for trouble ticketing, change management, and asset tracking it makes this extension seem like a more natural fit. As a hosted platform, ServiceNow incentivizes its customers to upgrade regularly and with their API's, they are very welcoming to integration points with third party vendors. Historically many vendors in this space have not always had that open philosophy and that really sets ServiceNow apart. Sovereign Systems had a presence on the exhibition floor and as we talked with other partners, we were delighted to see so many verticals and extensions for the platform. Just about any enterprise technology you could think of seems to have a vendor providing integration for the ServiceNow platform. As the platform extends into these new markets, the opportunity for new third party integrations is even greater than before.

ServiceNow has also made a push into the platform automation space. Their orchestration offering integrates nicely with vSphere and vRealize Automation to give you the ability to provision infrastructure with ServiceNow directly or to utilize VMware's API's to initiate provisioning through vRealize Automation. We attended a session given by T-Mobile where they demonstrated how they were using ServiceNow internally to provision virtual machines in their VMware vSphere environment. While this isn't a new feature, it gives customers an option to consider when deciding on how to design their systems automation platforms.

We at Sovereign Systems have been a ServiceNow partner for years because we recognized the flexibility, extensibility, and innovation in this best-of-breed platform. If you are interesting in taking your ITSM to the next-level, you should reach out to us and let us show you how you can move to the premier platform in ITSM.