Disruption Everywhere

Mike Evans

by Mike Evans

Recently, we’ve heard a common theme from IT industry veterans: they have seen more disruption across the industry over the past few years than any other time in their careers.

It’s true! Game-changing technologies are transforming how businesses (and consumers) operate across every vertical.

Our daily lives have changed dramatically

We live in a world where we can hail a cab from our smartphone, and track the driver’s location in real time.

We have an endless supply of digital media that can be streamed to our TVs and mobile devices. The cloud has enabled us to access our documents and photos from any device, from anywhere in the world.

Fitness trackers allow us to track our weight and fitness goals, and provides a platform for sharing these accomplishments with friends and family; are you really going to skip the gym today when your friends haven’t?

The auto industry is using sensors, cameras, radar, and software to enable self-driving cars.

These are incredible and fascinating times!

The Internet of Things

This world of connected devices we live in is referred to as the “Internet of Things.” All of the devices around us are generating data, and developers are finding new and innovative ways for us to interact with these devices.

Home automation has matured to the point where not only can I control my smart devices from my phone, but using geofencing and location services, when I arrive at home, my lights turn on automatically, my thermostat turns on the air conditioner, and my camera system is disarmed.

These things may seem trivial, but they save me time, and they change the way I do things.

But home automation extends beyond convenience. Having the lights turn off when you go out if you forget to shut them off, having your thermostat turn off the air conditioning when it knows you’re not home, or using a sprinkler system that uses weather data and sensors to only water the lawn when it needs to be watered are all things that have real cost savings associated with them.

So how does this translate to the enterprise?

If you work in IT operations, you’re probably not tasked with turning the lights on and off or adjusting the thermostat all day. But there are provisioning tasks that you perform regularly, that are much more complicated and time consuming.

Most organizations are siloed, and have multiple teams performing a subset of the tasks, and each task is contingent on the success of the previous one.

The business is impacted when IT can’t respond quickly enough. Most organizations tell us it can take up to eight weeks to stand up a new application.

How quickly IT can respond to the business can mean the difference between being first to market, or completely missing out on a business opportunity.

Enter IT automation  

Sovereign’s Cloud Management Platform and SovLabs modules help automate these time consuming, tedious tasks. Much like there are dozens of tasks you could automate in your home, there are dozens of tasks involved in provisioning a multi-tier application.

Leveraging VMware vRealize Automation as the foundation, our Sov Labs modules extend the automated provisioning beyond just the virtual machine, into the rest of the application stack, automating provisioning and configuration of firewalls, load balancers, Active Directory, DNS configuration, IPAM solutions, and application configuration management.

The value of reducing provisioning time from weeks to hours is huge.

Automating these tasks helps the business achieve faster time to market, ensure they are in compliance with regulations, and reduces the risk of inevitable human errors. And because these modules are written by our development team, they are fully supported by Sovereign, eliminating the need for one-off professional services engagements to create scripts to automate these workflows.

Our developers are hard at work on new modules as well, to extend our automation capabilities into new data center technologies that our customers are deploying. Ultimately, this frees up IT teams from monotonous tasks, and lets them get back to delivering value to the business.

To read more, check out the SovLabs homepage: https://sovlabs.com/