Dell Technologies World 2018 - Recap

Tom Marcoulier

by Tom Marcoulier

Sovereign System’s Techncal Lead, New England, shares his thoughts on the inaugural Dell Technologies World 2018.

Dell technology World doesn’t roll off my tongue as simply as EMC World, but I guess I must adapt to the new name...

My initial impression of the conference was “heck it feels just like the EMC Worlds of the past but with a new name” but after attending several keynotes, panels and sessions I came to realize that this conference is bigger and broader than the EMC Worlds of the past.

Attendance was estimated at around 14,000 and you could feel the increase in size.

Michael Dell’s keynote session was packed and panel discussions were full. 120+ sponsors & exhibitors; 120+ countries represented, 310 breakout sessions; 50+ hands-on labs (top attended - Experience VXRail Appliances) – this was truly the largest technology conference yet!

Some of the major product announcements that caught my attention were:

  • PowerMax – NVMe storage system
  • PowerEdge four-socket 2U and 4U servers
  • XtremIO X2 updates
  • VxBlock 1000 with PowerMax and X2
  • PowerEdge MX (future composable servers)

Besides the product announcements, I really enjoyed the focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Leaning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT) presented by industry heavy weights and celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Jeffery Wright. I highly recommend that you visit the Dell Technologies World website and watch the recorded presentation.

If any subject, topic, thread, or discussion interest you, I ask that you reach out and schedule a broader discussion (

I look forward to seeing as many of you at next year’s conference.