Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance

Tom Marcoulier

by Tom Marcoulier

Combining Protection Storage, Software, Search and Analytics

Dell EMC launched its first enterprise integrated backup appliance (IDPA) at Dell EMC World 2017, packaging software with commodity hardware.  Previously Dell EMC would sell backup software separate from it backup target – Data Domain.   With IDPA, Dell EMC has the ability to sell a turnkey appliance with software bundled.   Data Domain/VE is a key piece providing inline data reduction coupled with either Dell EMC Avamar or Networker software (also included is DD Boost).  IDPA has native cloud-tiering to either a public (Virtustream, Azure, Amazon) or private or hybrid cloud.  There is enterprise application support (Oracle, SAP, MS Exchange, MS SQL, Sybase MySQL, MongoDB and DB2 to name a few) with support for physical and virtual environments (VMware & Hyper-V).

Dell EMC IDPA comes in four model the DP5300, DP5800, DP8300 and the DP8800 ranging from 34TB to over 1PB of usable backup capacity all powered by Dell EMC’s PowerEdge servers.

Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance

With the popularity and industry acceptance of Hyperconverge for storage, compute and networking, the next obvious step in that hyperconverge path is hyperconverge data protection which is exactly what Dell EMC’s IDPA is.   IDPA works on the same principles as hyperconverge production infrastructure being that one can buy a hyperconverge backup appliance and it arrives assemble, tested, configured and in a few hours, it is up and running performing backups.   This allows customers to:

  • Realize results as soon as it arrives
  • No longer performing one-off installation tasks
  • No longer performing component updates
  • Allow Backup Administrators to become Data Protection Administrators

Sovereign Systems have heard many customers looking for a ‘backup’ turn key hyperconverge solutions.  Top places where one should consider IDPA are:

  • When deploying large-scale hyperconverge environments (i.g. VxRail, VxRack, vBlock)
  • For remote offices
  • Greenfield data-centers
  • Large new workloads
  • Modernizing one’s approach to data protection
  • Turnkey-single vendor supporting the entire stack

If you’re interested in learning more or interested to see if Dell EMC’s IDPA solves your use case, please contact us.