Why I Joined Sovereign Systems – Bill Cypert, VP of Service Management

Bill Cypert

by Bill Cypert

This is officially my second month at Sovereign Systems, so I thought it would be a good time to talk about what brought me here. As many friends can attest, the past 12 months have been interesting to say the least, but honestly, I finally feel at home. This is both with Sovereign Systems and also with the Southeast in general.

A little background for context …

It has been said that you should pursue your passions, such as the things you like to do in your spare time. Perhaps I will always be a geek because I spent a recent weekend solving issues on a scalable machine learning solution. The tech excites me, but the bigger thing that excites me is solving real business pains.

The key to my career success has always revolved around identifying and resolving a customer’s real business pain. Although I’ve had the privilege of speaking at many technical conferences on various topics, the underlying focus was that pain.

I jumped at the opportunity to utilize my skills when my business mentor at VMware offered me the opportunity to assist in building the ITOM pre-sales business from scratch at ServiceNow. We focused on solution selling with “experience demos” and targeted genuine customer business issues. The result was over $100M in top-line revenue in our first calendar year. Our intense focus on solving real business pains was the key to our success and continued innovation.

When I was back at VMware, Sovereign Systems was well known as a premier go-to partner. Their reputation was for solid customer solutions with the kind of straight shooting that you would quickly grow to respect. These are exactly the type of people who will do what they say and tell you if they think you should consider other options.

“People never enjoy having their baby called ugly, but done properly, you can help your customer do the right thing for their business and ultimately strengthen your relationship.”

 Scott Taylor, GM Technical Services, Sovereign Systems

Boom! Scott had me at “baby ugly” and went on to close the deal. This brings me to my top three reasons for my move to Sovereign.

My top 3 reasons for joining Sovereign Systems

1) Sovereign People – The people at Sovereign, as in all good companies, are its best asset.  When a regional player can beat out “the big guys” for awards like VMware’s Innovation Partner of the Year, you know everyone on the team has to be solid. I have spent my career building and being part of high-performance teams, so the quality of the people at Sovereign was of major importance to me. During the interview process, catching a vison for where George Barkley, managing partner & co-founder, wanted to go was exciting. Under their leadership, Sovereign has experienced massive growth in the past 10 years and was named to the INC 5000 Hall of Fame.

2) Solving Real Business Issues – The core values of the company align perfectly with my personal values, especially focusing on solving real business issues. I know it might sound corny, but it means a lot to me to be with a team focused on bringing real value to our customers. In multiple customer meetings the same question keeps coming up, which is, “How does this relate to the underlying business issue we are trying to solve?” Every time I hear someone ask that question I feel more at home at Sovereign.

3) Innovation –  Sovereign has a solid history of innovation. Early this year SovLabs was spun out to focus completely on innovation, but they remain core to who we are at Sovereign.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend time with a major university planning how machine learning, delivered on the ServiceNow platform, could solve many of their current issues. Additionally, we are hearing from several of our current healthcare customers about a need for IoT. Again, this is exactly why I came to Sovereign because we have the talent, focus, and budget to address these problems for and with our customers.

4) Bonus reason – The office has a ping pong table. Who could ask for anything more?

In Conclusion

I was the kid who didn’t break apart my Rubik’s cube so that I could get all the colors lined up. I was the kid who solved it. And I’ve not stopped taking on impossible, beat-your-head-against-the-wall challenges since.

Today I am putting in the best work of my career and I expect the same from my team. Every day is a new chance to do my best. Each day I will keep iterating on myself and my team, all in an effort to positively disrupt the world by delivering solutions that solve our customers’ biggest business challenges! #DriversWanted #DigitalTransformation

If you are ready to join us putting in the best work of our careers, please send me a note!