Sovereign Systems Hires Kevin Solchenberger as VP of Enterprise Solutions

Kevin Solchenberger joins Sovereign Systems to focus on Enterprise Solutions, Development & Delivery, Capability Building and Emerging Technologies

April 4, 2017 – Sovereign Systems today announced that Kevin Solchenberger joined the company as VP of Enterprise Solutions to lead Sovereign’s professional consulting services group.

As Information Technology becomes increasingly critical to differentiate companies from their competition, businesses are relying on new and more innovative strategies to increase their capabilities and speed to market, while reducing overall costs.

As a technology executive and business leader with over 14 years of experience, Kevin Solchenberger partners with the business in delivering innovative technology solutions that are customer-focused and take organizations to the next level by expanding business capabilities to drive growth, enhance competitive edge, and improve organizational efficiencies.

Kevin has a long history of developing business capabilities, from early consulting roles with Accenture and BearingPoint (formally KPMG Consulting), to industry organizations that include Cox Communications and the InterContinental Hotels Group.

With a focus on the Hybrid Cloud, Kevin draws from his years of Digital, DevOps and Agile experiences to deliver innovative solutions across the enterprise. Kevin focuses on understanding customer needs, and innovative technologies that advance business capabilities.

Prior to Sovereign, Kevin was a technology leader at the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). Based on his global experience and reputation for building new capabilities from scratch, he was recruited by senior leaders to build a global team and establish a Software Delivery Test Environment Management practice using DevOps methodologies in 2015 with the mission of increasing speed to market and reducing delivery costs.

In previous roles at IHG, Kevin led the creation and launch of a first-ever eCommerce platform dedicated to the China market. He launched a transformational initiative not only focused on the company’s emerging market, but also enabling the first cloud services (Amazon Web Services) to support a high transactional based eCommerce platform. In addition, the initiative served as a proving ground for the implementation of a globally distributed Agile/SCRUM delivery team.

Before joining IHG, Kevin held consultant roles at Cox Communications, BearingPoint, and Accenture where he led initiatives that supported business process consolidation (ordering, billing, and CRM processes), new methodologies (Balanced Scorecard), and enterprise systems integration.

Kevin holds a MBA from Emory University and two undergraduate degrees in Management Information Systems and Finance from the University of Georgia. In giving back to his alma maters, Kevin is a member of the MIS program advisory board and serves as an Instructor & Lecturer. He also serves on the Emory MBA mentoring programs. Recognized as a thought leader, Kevin has been invited to speak at industry associations events, including the Technology Association of Georgia.

“We are excited to formally welcome Kevin Solchenberger to the Sovereign team,” said George Barkley, Managing Partner. “Kevin’s deep knowledge and expertise with enterprise solutions and emerging technologies brings great value and opportunity for us to expand our footprint and provide strategic services to our clients.”