Simple – Modern – Flexible – Affordable

Dell EMC has introduced four new All Flash Unity models, the 350F, 450F, 550F and 650F. The new models are replacing the 300F, 400F, 500F, and 600F. The new All Flash models leverage the Intel Broadwell chipset to deliver enhanced performance, density, and software capabilities. The new All Flash models feature 40% more processor cores and twice the system memory which has greatly improved overall performance and the functionality of advanced enhanced data services such as compression, snapshots, and replication.

Let’s take a look at some of the new and improved features of the New Unity All Flash models:

Dynamic Pools – This in my opinion is the best new feature and will greatly reduce cost and improve space efficiency. By default Unity will now create storage pools as Dynamic Pools. Dynamic Pools are based on mapped RAID, rather than the traditional pool which relies on a traditional RAID set. Dynamic Pools provide much more flexibility when creating and expanding pools. Dynamic Pools can start with as few as six drives and can be expanded by as little as a single drive. A traditional pool requires you to keep a consistent RAID modulus when expanding pools, which is usually a group of 5, 6, 8, 9, or even more drives.  As you can see by utilizing Dynamic Pools upgrades are more cost effective. Hot Sparing is handled automatically within the pool and a dedicated hot spare is no longer required, again improving overall efficiency and cost savings.

Enhanced Data Protection and Replication – Snapshots can now be replicated to a remote system. Users can have the same point in time copy locally and on a remote system. The retentions periods can be different on the local and remote systems. This allows you the capability to keep snapshots longer on the remote system in order to free up space on the local system. Snapshots can also be replicated to the cloud for even greater flexibility and efficiency.

New and Enhanced NAS features – There are several new features for NAS on Unity. The file systems can now scale up to 256 TB, this was previously limited to only 64 TB. Inline compression for file data and VMDK clones are now also available. Failover and quota management have been improved.

New simple built in migration functionality – Provides seamless migration for LUNS, NAS filesystems, Quotas, ACLS, and exports from VNX1/2.

Cloud IQ – Extends management and analytics to the cloud. Cloud IQ is a software as a service application that provides monitoring and analytics with easy to read dashboards.

New 80 Drive Disk Enclosure – If you have limited rack space you can take advantage of the new eighty 2.5” drive disk enclosure. This enclosure is only 3 rack units and fits in a standard-depth rack.

As you can see Dell EMC has made significant improvements to the All Flash Unity models. If you are interested in learning more about Unity or seeing a demo please contact us.